Treatment of Nummular Dermatitis

Nummular dermatitis is a skin condition that appears as an itchy, coin-shaped, red, scaly rash on the surface of the skin. This skin disease can also cause a burning sensation and become infected if scratched too much.  While the cause of the disease is unknown, nummular dermatitis is often treated as a type of eczema.  Chicago skin care professionals can treat this condition with a combination of over-the counter and prescription treatment options.

Both males and females can have nummular dermatitis. Most often these spots are found on the legs, but other areas of the body may be affected, including the arms, torso, feet, and hands. Itching and burning sensations can become worse during the night. Untreated areas are susceptible to bacterial staph infections, which can be painful and easily treated with an antibiotic. Often a cold, dry climate can irritate the skin and increase a person’s chances of getting this skin condition.

Adult Acne Treatments

Perhaps the most important aspect of dealing with adult acne is making sure to get proper treatment from the right Chicago IL dermatologist. A qualified dermatologist can provide the best possible treatment plan. Many doctors remind patients that one of the best ways to help offset the potential for outbreaks is by careful attention to facial products they use. Products and make up should not contain oil and be specifically designed not to clog pores even when used for a prolonged period of time. All hair and skin care product labels should be read carefully to make sure they are non-comedogenic, which signifies that that have been tested and found not to cause acne.

Can You Benefit From Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Choosing the right place with qualified professionals is perhaps the most important factor in deciding where to get laser hair removal. An inexperienced provider who is not extremely skilled in this area can cause permanent damage such as burns, blisters, scars, and pigmentary changes. Choose a reputable, board-certified dermatologist office for the procedure. Finding a Chicago skin care specialist is easy; search for a Chicago IL dermatologist and be sure that they are listed as a board-certified dermatologist. Side effects can be lessened or completely avoided by seeking an experienced professional to perform your laser hair removal procedure